About Me

Amanda Grossman

Welcome all, and thank you for your visit to my website! My name is Amanda Grossman and I am a driven, compassionate, and hardworking entrepreneur born in Fairfield, California and raised in Burlington County, New Jersey. In 2020, I graduated from Stockton University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science degree with a concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy. Even so, my desire and sole purpose in life, to help as many people as I can in the best way I know how, stems far beyond anything my college degree can provide. This burning desire to be an example of the change I wish to see in the world, and the determination I have to achieve it, served as the starting point that launched my entrepreneurial journey.

Growing up within the millennium, I used to love watching America’s Next Top Model with Tyra Banks. This gave me my initial desire and insight into the modeling industry. Though a model’s life is filled with glamour and amazing opportunity, it takes hard work and true talent to be able to make a name for yourself in this highly competitive industry. I was always inspired by the creativity behind photoshoots, the extravagant fashion shows, and amazed by the guidance the models received from experts in the field. Models got my respect and admiration instantly just as any other little girl who watched that show and aspired to be something bigger than herself. 

On the other hand, while watching this show I rarely ever saw models who were on the thicker side until Ashley Graham stepped onto the scene. I love that now there are many more successful models of all sizes. There is beauty in all body types, and including this diversity in the modeling industry allows people from all walks of life to truly love who they are, and not feel as though they have to measure up to some unrealistic ideation created by social media. 

Additionally, my mom used to be concerned with me modeling because she experienced pressure herself to lose weight back when she used to model. Of course, as a model you absolutely want to look your best, and live a healthy lifestyle, but it also comes to a point where we need to accept that every body is unique, and that a happy, healthy lifestyle looks different on everyone. Seeing the movement toward recognition of all body types brings me so much joy and hope for the future, and I would love to help be a part of that while fulfilling my childhood dreams, and my life purpose. 

To me, modeling is a representation of self growth, self love, and recognizing the power, passion, and positive energy that I have to offer the world. After building my platform through modeling, I plan to use that as a way to spread the message that we can all achieve anything we desire if we simply set our minds to it and apply massive aggressive action towards achieving those dreams. I appreciate your visit to my website and I look forward to collaborating with you all soon!